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Meeting Point: Pos Bloc

Other Side Of Monas. Central Jakarta

Distance: Upto 12 km, City Tour (North Jakarta) Tour start at 7.30AM, and finish at 10.30AM Tour Highlights: - Discover Jakarta’s government district; National Monument (Monas) Park. - Post Bloc, an art deco architectural gem from 1930s. - Discover Jakarta’s Little India in Pasar Baru (Weltevreden)

Other Side Of Monas. Central Jakarta
Other Side Of Monas. Central Jakarta

Time & Location


Meeting Point: Pos Bloc, Jl. Pos No.2, Ps. Baru, Kecamatan Sawah Besar, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10710, Indonesia

About The Event


1.⁠ ⁠All OSE bike tours start early, around 7:30AM - 8:00AM, due to Jakarta's tropical weather and traffic.

2.⁠ ⁠Certain OSE Tours are run where traffic changes drastically throughout the day. We therefore recommend early morning starting times.

3.⁠ ⁠We understand the nature of our Private Tours where customers expect flexibility. We'll communicate directly with customers who would like different starting times, including late afternoon tours.

About Monas

Monas! Jakarta’s own Washington Monument which itself is surrounded by one of the largest public parks in Jakarta. Situated in the central government district of Jakarta, Monas or Monumen Nasional (National Monument) sits directly beside the Presidential Palace of Indonesia. Many Government buildings such as the Constitutional Court, National Secretary Office also surround the area. Though being somewhat Obelisk-shaped, the Monas itself draws inspiration from Hindu and traditional Javanese beliefs. Constructed during the reign of Indonesia’s first president, Sukarno, it takes its belief and inspiration from the idea of Lingam of Lingga from Hinduism. The Lingam itself is a symbol of the Hindu deity Shiva, and it is usually placed atop a platform known as a Yoni. In the case of Monas, we too can see the obelist itself placed upon a platform-like structure which these two objects combined are meant to symbolize masculine and feminine features which are responsible for creation of new life.

Aside from religious inspiration, the area around Monas is also connected to the Pasar Baru district of central Jakarta. Pasar Baru or New Market was once and still is a major hub of various types of textiles, mostly owned and run by Indian expatriates who have lived in Jakarta for generations. Behind these lavish textile markets also houses one of, if not, the oldest Chinese temples in Indonesia. Though being hidden behind small and narrow alleyways, caretakers of the temple are always more than happy to receive visitors who are curious about the architecture and history of the temple itself.

Across the cross cultural markets of Paru Baru, remains one of the most well maintained art deco and New Imperial architectural monuments of the Dutch Colonial era. The Philately Building or Gedung Filateli once was the major post office for the Dutch East India company. Serving as the HQ for the Indonesian Philately Community momentarily, the building itself has now since been refurbished and repurposed into a creative and public hub for all to visit and enjoy.

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