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Teechart Pro Activex 2012 13 \/\/TOP\\\\

TeeChart's first ActiveX version named "version 3" too, to match the VCL version's nomenclature, was released in 1998.[8] The version was optimised to work with Microsoft's Visual Studio v97 and v6.0 developer suites that include Visual Basic and Microsoft Visual C++ programming languages. Support for new programming environments followed with TeeChart's first native C# version for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET released in 2002[8] and TeeChart.Lite for .NET, a free charting component, released for Visual Studio.NET in 2003[8] and supporting too, Mono (programming). Steema Software released the first native TeeChart Java (programming language) version in 2006[8] and TeeChart's first native PHP version was released in 2009 and published as open-source in June 2010.[8] Mobile versions of TeeChart, for Android (operating system) devices and Windows Phone 7 devices were released during the first half of 2011.[8] In 2012 TeeChart extended functionality to iPhone/iPad and BlackBerry OS devices and a new JavaScript version was released in the same year to support HTML5 Canvas. In 2013 Steema launched TeeChart for .NET Chart for Windows Store applications and included support for Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 mobile platform.[8] TeeChart for Xamarin.Forms written with 100% C# code and cross-platform support for .NET desktops, Windows Phone, iOS and Android was released in 2014. Also since 2014 Webforms charts now offers HTML5 interactivity.[8]

teechart pro activex 2012 13



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