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When is it Too Late to Fire Your Attorney?

An attorney-client relationship is a legal relationship, which sometimes doesn’t work out as expected. Be it for lack of communication or responsiveness, there can be several reasons for the discontinuation of a lawyer’s services. Lack of knowledge, ethical concerns, or conflict of interest are also valid grounds. So when is it too late to fire your attorney?

The timing of firing your attorney is important. Do it at the wrong time and it may be detrimental to your interests. It is critical to understand the best time to take such an action to prevent unnecessary delays or costs.

Here are some situations where it may be too late to fire your attorney:

·        Court-imposed Deadline

Changing your attorney close to a trial date or a key hearing may be rejected by the court. The court may impose deadlines or restrictions to prevent changing attorneys without a valid reason.

·        Settlement or Negotiations

If you are in the middle of a settlement or negotiations, it may be too late to fire your attorney. Doing so may complicate or jeopardize the process.

Remember that changing your attorney may also cause delays. The new lawyer will need time to review your case, and may not agree with the strategy used by your former advocate. Your current attorney may also have a right to claim their complete fee if substantial progress is made in your case.

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